It is always a tremendous feeling when we receive testimonials and success stories from our customers around the world. Here is the most recent one from Steve….. We are proud of the work we are doing and the impact our Finder Stickers and other products are having on our clients lives.

Hi there,
I just got back from a trip to Europe last week and wanted to relate a neat
experience I had with my StickNFinds.

This happened on the return flight of my most recent trip, flying back from
London to San Francisco. We had checked in, dropped off our bags,
boarded and I settled into my window seat for the 10+ hour flight home.

Suddenly, the StickNFind alarm starts to beep and the “Your Bag has
been found!” dialog pops up.

I turned to my wife and said “We checked all the bags right ?—It’s not in
the overhead is it?” ‘Noooo…’ “That’s weird”

I look outside the window to see a baggage cart pull up. The driver gets
off and starts tossing bags to another ramp-worker who is loading our
plane. Sure enough, the 2nd or 3rd bag on the belt is ours :) My phone
picked up the StickNFind button through the plane window as it was being
loaded on the plane!

I turned to my wife and said “It’s the app. I can see our bag being loaded
right now” “Well” she said, “at least we know it got on the flight”

The app beeped once or twice more until our bag disappeared into the
hold and then was quiet for the next 12 hours or so until we got to SF
and we went to baggage claim to pick up our luggage.

So there you go. Another use for StickNFind. Not only will it tell you when
your bag is coming off the carousel at baggage claim, if you’re lucky, it’ll
tell you that it made it on the plane too!

Thanks for the great product, keep up the good work.


So, thank you Steve and we are happy to hear about your success story using our Stickers.

StickNFind Joins Samsung Solutions Exchange

StickNFind is pleased to announce that its Enterprise Beacon Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology is now available through the Samsung Solution Exchange. The Samsung Solutions Exchange addresses the needs of line of business owner’s holistic mobile solutions on a robust portfolio of enterprise-grade Samsung Mobile devices.

StickNFind is a worldwide leader in Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology which designs, develops, and manufactures consumer and enterprise beacons and software solutions. Samsung Mobile’s customers can now leverage BLE solutions into their application infrastructure for individual and enterprise use.

“We are excited to work closely with the Samsung Solutions Exchange to further drive our ability to assist enterprises in integrating Bluetooth solutions,” said Jimmy Buchheim, CEO of StickNFind. “StickNFind’s solutions allow companies and individuals to use Samsung Mobile devices to deliver innovative marketing and indoor navigation solutions for enterprise.”

The Samsung Solutions Exchange delivers a range of third party offerings for a variety of industries that increase productivity and ROI, including but not limited to sales and management applications, mobile device management solutions, cloud services, collaboration tools and security solutions – all designed to make it easier for enterprises to succeed in the new era of mobile business.

StickNFind is the market leader in BLE beacons and is the first one in the world to develop an Android SDK for BLE technology. Samsung Mobile’s customers can now leverage BLE solutions into their application infrastructure for individual and enterprise use.

For more information on StickNFind and its solutions, visit To find out more about the benefits of Samsung Solutions Exchange for businesses and partners, visit

Samsung and Samsung Solutions Exchange are all trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Other company names, product names and marks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners and may be trademarks or registered trademarks. Stickers 2

StickNFind Bluetooth Stickers Android Customer Update

bluetooth stickerGood afternoon, Finders!

In an effort to continue to provide our customers worldwide with vital information, here’s a software update for our Android customers using our Bluetooth stickers.

An update to Android’s Bluetooth stack has just changed the way Android communicates with Bluetooth 4 devices (meaning, this is an Android issue, not a a StickNFind issue). As a result, we have adopted this new way in a new firmware to support this connection mode via the GooglePlay Store.

We are requesting our customers to upgrade their app and Bluetooth stickers prior to upgrading to Android 4.3 or above (both in GooglePlay, Facebook and our Blog), as your stickers won’t be able to pair with their upgraded Android device without the latest firmware update. This procedure is imperative to follow for overcoming this issue.

The first and preferred option is before updating to Android 4.3 or above, to update StickNFind app to the latest release and update the stickers firmware. This will happen automatically once you pair with the stickers. In case you already upgraded your Android device, we can overcome the issue by finding another compatible device (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note II) that doesn’t run Android 4.3 or above yet.

Then, once you download the latest StickNFind app from the GooglePlay, you should connect your Bluetooth stickers and allow the new app to upgrade the sticker’s firmware automatically. Once this step is done, you can go back and pair those stickers with your Android devices.

Please note that you can also update their stickers to Android 4.3 or above firmware using any of our iOS compatible devices (e.g. iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, iPod Touch or iPad 3, 4, air, mini). Again, just download the latest StickNFind iOS app, connect to your Bluetooth stickers and the upgrade of the stickers will happen automatically.

In addition, we can provide you with a Magic Sticker. This magic sticker can be placed on every sticker and by tapping on the magic sticker, it will upgrade the desired sticker to the latest firmware.

If you have any issues or if we can assist in any way, please feel free to contact StickNFind Customer Support at or 866-777-7210.


StickNFind Enterprise: Solutions for the Streamlined Entrepreneur

Top of the morning to you, Finders!

bluetooth trackerStickNFind want to help you find things, though the natures of the things in question evolve in time. Perhaps, you need to find some sanity or just a new way of running things.

Picture this: as you ponder the vast difference between the number of units you have in storage with the number you should have according to your inventory and as your eyes tear at the sight of your current expenditure against your available budget, as you hurl your phone against the wall, failing to locate your 30-minutes-AWOL regional manager, you silently pray for a catchall solution to your manifold work woes.

Is there a straight line to draw through this messy scribble?

Yes! Ok, ok, that was a bit dramatic. Sorry, we got carried away. But the point is that StickNFind Enterprise can help you with those problems. Sadly, it does not offer emotional counseling.

StickNFind Enterprise

With StickNFind Enterprise, commercial use is the name of the game. If there were another word for it, it’d be democracy. We opened the floor to hear what the public could devise for our little Bluetooth stickers. Here a few of the ideas you came up with. Props!

bluetooth sticker1)         Inventory Management Tracking

Our Bluetooth trackers are versatile, so here’s a thought: use them to track your product real-time. Slap ‘em on your stuff and you’ll know precisely when an item enters your store (or warehouse or distribution center), when it leaves and where it is while it’s there. Boom. This will enable your company to make real-time decisions based on availability. It’s as easy as looking at your phone.

2)         Cargo Assurance, Transportation, Luggage, Etc.

bluetooth trackersThe beacons let customers optimize traceability, security and documentation to show that cargo and passengers are all good to go in transit, shipping or whatever you need to get you or something you own from Point A to Point B. Depending on who adopts this ideology, you can check out where you luggage is quickly and you can even check what temperature it is.

bluetooth tracker3)         Security

You can also plop these Bluetooth stickers on tags and ID badges to make sure their credentials are in order at a checkpoint or, worst-case scenario, to find someone who’s run off in the middle of a shift. Don’t be surprised to find him or her at a burger joint because, hey, who doesn’t like a burger (or veggie burger) from time to time?

This is just the beginning of what we can do with StickNFind Enterprise, especially now that we’ve opened up the conversation to other developers! We’re excited; we hope you are, too. Feel free to bounce your ideas off of us any time!

StickNFind Bluetooth Sticker Locators and Beacons at CES 2014

bluetooth beaconHappy late January, Finders!

As we acclimate to our new friend, 2014, and as the dust settles from another CES, we’re pleased to reflect on our involvement with the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show. You can usually divide the more interesting of its tech offerings into two camps: gadgets you can’t believe didn’t already exist and ones you can’t believe exist now.

StickNFind tries to occupy a space between the two and once we find our niche, we’re pretty sure we’ll never lose it. It’s the nature of our Bluetooth sticker locators to keep the things you have, after all. They say necessity is the mother of invention and we have an innate need to make better and better stuff, so we’ll never be completely satisfied, but we came a little closer this year. Let’s talk about what happened, in case you missed it.

bluetooth sticker locatorsStickNFind CES 2014 Recap

This year, we talked about a few new things. Among them were retail applications for our Bluetooth sticker locators, specifically targeted marketing. If you don’t know that is, yet, you surely will soon. Essentially, we want to help retail stores understand their customers a little better. Sprinkle the Bluetooth Beacons strategically around a major retail store and, suddenly, you have an understanding of who’s looking for what. Pair that with a map app and you can suddenly streamline the layout of the store, aggregate what’s popular and set up your store to help the consumer get to the things they want. Neat, huh?

We also opened up about our operating systems, our Enterprise Bluetooth Beacon technology and the general capacities of our BLE devices in our first ever Developer’s Conference. Exciting stuff, for us, at least. We rolled out our Android Software Development Kit (SDK) last year, eagerly anticipating the results. Independent developers from all over brought their ideas for new applications to the tech table and the future got a little more interesting, again. Stay tuned!

What would you like to see in new apps for Bluetooth Beacons? Tell us your ideas!


StickNFind Reviews Indicate Our Bluetooth Stickers are Helping

Good afternoon, Finders!

We’d say you never know where StickNFind Bluetooth stickers will pop up, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of using them, wouldn’t it? Still, we’re always pleasantly surprised to see our technology helping other people. After all, there are very few things worse than the inability to find what you’ve lost.

Have you ever tried to retrieve a lost mind? It’s truly maddening. Should’ve affixed a Bluetooth sticker to it. Anyway, it’s not like we lost the following StickNFind testimonials from last month alone, but we will say that we were quite happy to see them turn up!

StickNFind Reviews from December 2013

Bluetooth Tracker1) Impact Office Products

Impact Office Products is the largest office supply dealer in the mid-Atlantic and they had nice things to say about StickNFind’s Bluetooth trackers. Reviewer Kevin Hoverman applauded the stickers’ ability to find things like keys, wallets, etc. He even shared the tech with his family: “I did let my brother-in-law borrow the Stick-N-Find… and he fell in love it.

He loves the “Find-It”, detector-type function of activating the app and walking around his house making the tags “beep” until he finds it …  Looks like he’ll see one in his stocking this year!” It’s always nice to see our device making someone happy in the wide world outside.

Stick N Find Review2) Consumer Reports

This online source for valuable consumer information selected StickNFind as a great holiday gift for the absent-minded. It commended the “virtual leash” function and the battery life. The review recommends StickNFind as a stocking stuffer.

The holidays may be behind us now, but who says you can’t give someone a stocking, anyway? And with StickNFind inside, it’ll never go missing.

Bluetooth Trackers3) BuzzFeed

The wildly popular listicle generator, BuzzFeed, put SticknFind in the media spotlight as 1 of 19 products that will make your life better in 2014. They had this to say: “You stick them to things you lose frequently, like your keys/wallet/cat, and then you can locate them with your phone. This year, the phrase ‘UGH I wish I could just call my shoes!’ will become a reality.”

When you get a StickNFind, you’ll be able to attach it to one of the items on your personal listicle of things that you don’t want to lose.

We’d like to thank all three of these outlets for putting StickNFind reviews in the media this past holiday season. Hopefully, our Bluetooth stickers did their part to find all those things we misplaced in the hustle and bustle. Until next time, pleasant findings everybody!

Is StickNFind helping your 2014? Tell us about it in the comments section below and keep checking the blog for more updates!

The StickNFind 9-Year Indoor Location Beacon Tag

It’s not enough to conceive of something cool; it’s not even enough to create it after you have the idea. No, you shouldn’t rest on your laurels, because in doing so you are actively losing the most valuable resource of all – TIME.

We weren’t content with our 1-year beacon, nor were we quite satisfied with our 3-year beacon. Change is a necessity. With our lives in flux, with more and more things to lose, we decided to take the worry out of the equation. With that philosophy in mind, we’re very pleased to present the latest permutation of our Bluetooth sticker technology, the 9-Year Beacon! [Cue trumpets and fanfare]

The 9-Year Location Beacon Tag

Yes, it’s the StickNFind 9-Year locator. Suppose you have located a hidden historical treasure in an Egyptian pyramid a la Indiana Jones, one that has eluded you for years, and in your daring escape you drop it into the swirling sands, through a gate that only opens every 9 years! Well, if you’ve secured a StickNFind 9-Year beacon to it, you can return and find it, when the planets align and the time is right! It’s a roundabout way of saying the Bluetooth tracker keeps ticking for NINE YEARS.

Cool, huh?

Here are some other features of this exciting little guy.

1.         It’s Waterproof

Pretty straight forward, but certainly worth your while. Your tears of joy won’t ruin your precious missing thing when you recover it.

2.         Accelerometer

It’s a fancy tool that tells you how the object in question is moving. If something is stolen from you in the dancehall, use this feature to locate the dance moves of your aggressor and retrieve it.

3.         Button-Sized

That’s pretty darn small.

4.         Uses our Bluetooth Stack

That guarantees LONG battery life and shelf life!

In the words of StickNFind Founder and CEO James Buccheim:

“We are proud to release an industrial and miniature Beacon that will last for so many years combining that with our suite of Beacon Encryption.”

Keep everything you need in your orbit for nine years with the brand-new StickNFind 9-Year beacon. How many things can you even think of that you’ve successfully kept track of for that long?

What would you like to know about the 9-Year Beacon? Feel free to ask us anything in the comment box below!

StickNFind’s Organization Tips for the New Year

Good afternoon, Finders!

Something about the holidays, the New Year and the lessened daylight seems to always detract from our ability to effectively organize. Or maybe it’s just that there are more things to keep track of in the cold weather. After all, we accessorize our bodies more extensively in the winter; do we also accessorize our lives?

The StickNFind Bluetooth Bluetooth sticker can simplify some of your organization problems (your keys are in the left pocket of your fur coat, which you left in the trunk because the sweater was really enough, for instance), but you’ve got to pull some of the organizational weight yourself.

Luckily, we’ve stumbled upon this list of tips for you to keep yourself organized this season. We must’ve misplaced them sometime last year, but hey, at least we found them. New Year’s Resolution: ORGANIZE.

Organization Tips Checklist

1. The Big 3

bluetooth tracker stickerMake a checklist of the three most important things for you to accomplish each day. This is a great way to prioritize and it ensures that you’ll cross a few of those big-ticket items off of your (overwhelming) to-do list each day. The structure provided by this technique will trickle into the minutiae of your day as well.

2. Put That Away

Put things away when you’re done using them, always. We know, we know, it’s a pain sometimes, but just unplug that hairdryer and put it away! Unpack those bags right when you get home and your organization compounds can’t possibly compound themselves. Coming back from a weekend away? Schedule time on your calendar to re-organize yourself.

bluetooth sticker3. Just Say No

If you’re anything like us, you agree to most favors your friends or family ask you to do and you feel guilty if you say no. It’s okay to say no! It’s easy to lose the time you need to stay organized by agreeing to everything you’re asked to do. Take some time for yourself!

4. Order Food

Meaning get your food in order. Take inventory of all the crazy ingredients you’ve got in your cupboard. With your list, you can weed out the ingredients you’ll never use and discard them. Be sure you don’t buy stuff at the grocery store that you don’t really need. The kitchen is one of the biggest scenes of disorganized disaster in your home, but you can avoid it! If your house is anything like ours, you’ll want to slap aBluetooth tracking sticker on the bacon; it tends to disappear…

Hopefully, these organization tips have given you a good springboard into a more organized lifestyle. We are creatures of habit, but those major habits can change if you make enough small changes to your routine. And for those things that you just can’t keep track of, try as you might, for those moments when your New Year’s Resolution can’t overcome your chaotic nature, we still have our Bluetooth stickers to turn to.

What little things keep you organized? Tell us about it in the comments box below and keep checking the blog for more advice during the New Year!




StickNFind Presents Developer’s Conference at CES 2014

bluetooth stickerOur StickNFind team is proud to announce our first ever Developer’s Conference at CES 2014. It’s all happening January 7th from 5:30-8:00 p.m. in Room S227-B at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It’s an excellent opportunity for developers to come together and explore our exciting Bluetooth sticker technology.

“We are excited to launch the latest features and additions to our StickNFind Bluetooth Beacons and SDK,” says Jimmy Buchheim, CEO of StickNFind. “This will be our first Developer’s Conference at CES and hope to make this an annual event to make the uses of StickNFind more rich and exciting for the developers. Our development team will be there to discuss the latest developments and features of how developers can use StickNFind’s technology.”


StickNFind Developer’s Conference Agenda Items

  • StickNFind’s latest product announcement
  • An overview of StickNFind’s iOS and Android SDK for its Bluetooth Smart (BLE) ultra small and low powered beacons
  • StickNFind’s Bluetooth Stack enables it to be the lowest powered BLE, with precise ranging and security features
  • StickNFind will review its beacon’s iBeacon support and interesting iBeacon implementations
  • StickNFind will release and discuss new characteristics of its BLE stack
  • StickNFind will discuss the snfBeacon protocol, with advanced encryption and authentication
  • The event will include an open Q&A with StickNFind DEV team about the snfSDK, BLE stack and features.

You can only get in on the StickNFind Developer’s Conference by invitation or if you’re a registered developer of the SDK program, but you’re welcome to apply on the StickNFind website! If you’re interested in participating in the exciting development of our burgeoning Bluetooth tracker system, this is the time to join us! Together we’ll look into the future of this exciting technology and continue the war on misplaced items!

We’re also exhibiting at CES 2014 in Las Vegas at the LVCC, North Hall, Booth #6036. To meet with StickNFind at the show, just email us!

Bluetooth Tracking Device Acts as The Ultimate Gift Finder

Happy Holidays, Finders!

We know. You already had so many things to keep track of. How can you pay that misplaced parking ticket without that misplaced paycheck? Did you really lose the keys or are they in your hand, jingling maddeningly with each frantic turn you take to find them?

Keeping track of things is such a delicate art. And now that we’re getting through the holiday season, you have a whole new crop of little things to worry about, not to mention the things your children or your roommate have just added to the checklist of their prized possessions.

Well, never fear, we’re going to provide you with a spiritual gift: peace of mind. We proudly present the StickNFind Bluetooth tracking device, the ultimate gift finder, here to guarantee you never lose those new gifts you tote from another busy holiday season.

bluetooth tracking deviceKeeping Track with The StickNFind Gift Finder

It’s a simple process, really. Outfit your prized possessions with the StickNFind Bluetooth tracking device and you can use your app for keeping track of them should they mysteriously go missing. Put one on your new panini maker and when it goes missing, use StickNFind as a gift finder, which may lead you to the family dog in the backyard making a panini from garbage that he’s removed from your trash bins.


BluTracker Will Also Be Available

You also have the option of the GPS tracker by StickNFind, BluTracker. You can use this one for the more nefarious gift stealing plots; you’ll need a gift finder with a greater range. It reaches up to a half mile, so if your one kid stashes his brother’s new bounty in a drainage pipe up the road, you’ll have no trouble finding it. You have enough trouble keeping track of things without that headache, don’t you? What’s more, you can use BluTracker to notify you when an item has moved at all, so you may be able to catch the culprit in the act with the GPS tracker.

Hopefully, with the advent of these new technologies, you’re keeping track of things as you never have before. A new gift is a new opportunity, provided it doesn’t turn into a fugitive. Thanks to StickNFind, you can account for your new swag at all times.

What gifts have you already misplaced? Tell us your stories in the comments section below! And keep checking the blog for more findings.